Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forgotten Treasures (aka, Crap I Forgot About in Storage.)

I haven't posted in a week.  Terrible.  I'm tragically lazy and I spent the end of last week planning for a yard sale and I've been spending the beginning of this week thinking about considering to start planning to eventually, somehow, someday, do something with the stuff that didn't sell.  One cool part about emptying my storage facility, though, was finding a few things I thought I had rid myself of years ago.  See, I'm terrified that I'm slowly becoming a hoarder, so to prove to myself that I am not, I impulsively chuck things I end up crying myself to sleep over at a later date.  These are some things that escaped my neurotic bullshit:

Pink polyester in 1960's dream form.  Chock full of pink and clear crystals.  I bought this from a thrift store when I was in high school and I thought I had given it away to a friend.  Thank gawd, I'm not that generous.

Not vintage, but it will be someday.  I LOVE this faux leopard coat.  I totally plan on getting into body building so I'll have the strength to wear it again.  This thing weighs a ton.

Oh, how I love this little seafoam green radio.  Totally early 60's and works like a dream.  It only gets AM radio but that is fine by me.  Why does music sound better coming out of a 50 year old radio?  Answer:  Magic.  

I love this circa 1930 cookbook if only for the illustrations alone.  I think it was sponsored by Crisco because every recipe contains it as an ingredient.  One of these days, I'm going to make something out of it while wearing t-straps and finger waves and singing "All That Jazz."

You know what I love about this cookbook.  It has instructions on dress for the "help."  Holy shit.  If there is one thing that a classy broad needs, it's help.

I picked this little beauty up from the flea market about 10 years ago.  People either love it or they hate it with the intensity of 1,000 white hot suns.  Guess which category I fall into.

A closeup.  It doesn't get any classier than Botticelli Primavera.  Who says a classy broad can't appreciate fine art.

Now what am I going to do with this bitch?  Other than love it?  When I finally get my swingin' retro kitchen, I think I'm going to make a vignette and put this on display.  It's too cute.  Why don't they package kitchen sponges like this anymore?  Because they're lame, that's why.

This guy isn't vintage.  Nor was he forgotten.  But I couldn't help posting a picture of my panther, Bob.  He's making me an offer I can't refuse on my old washing machine.  Claws and rabbit-kicks may possibly be involved.

So that was my weekend.  Ridding myself of junk and sneaking this stuff back into my house.  Now I have to get busy, clean up and call Goodwill for a pickup and paint my nails cotton candy pink while wearing my leopard fur coat.  

Priorities. I have them.


  1. Im in love with that radio!! Im a hoarder in training, doing very well at my studies ;o) Scarlett x

  2. pink top will go good paired up with the leopard coat and pink nail polish. I am in love with the 50's radio and cute sponge. good that you kept all your treasures.I apreciar fine art too,also addicted to vintage cook books, aver que los cocinas.

  3. i KNOW you thought i was the one that had thiefed the pink dress years ago. i got better things to steal than that polyester shit. just kidding- it's totally my size, give it to me.

    that Dolly Duzit sponge looks like a baby made by Richard Simmons and Carrot Top.

  4. Scarlett, that radio is a dream, isn't it? You can find them easily but they're usually not cheap unless you're buying it from an elderly grandpa at a yard sale. I think I paid $20 from a dealer and that was a steal. I'd love to have a collection of old transistors on display. They make great, functional shelf decor.

    La Dama - Sadly, that is a DRESS! It was tight on me in high school. I could probably wear it as an eye-patch now. Hahaha.

    You're Lucky - I did think I had given it to you. In fact, didn't I offer it to you at some point? Good thing I'm flaky and never delivered.

    I keep calling the Dolly Duzit sponge Dolly Duz Dallas. Cochina.

  5. Oh good lord, that dress and that coat are so fabulous it fricking hurts! I'm rather liking the sponge and Bob, too. What awesome treasures. xxx

  6. I think my boyfriend may be jealous that I find Bob extremely handsome. That menudo recipe was hilarious. I cant even make real menudo. Those prisoners are some smart folk. Wish I had that much time to exercise. Thanks for sharing your re-finds. Im also afraid of becoming my mother, I mean, a hoarder.


  7. Next time we have a yard sale I should have you over to dig through my Gran's retro shit... um, "treasures."

  8. I love that pink dress! =)


  9. Meow!!!
    Awesome goodies,the leopard coat and pink frock making my heart skip a beat!!!

  10. Those are some pretty nice finds! I think the good thing with rummaging your old stuff is you find some things that you thought don’t matter anymore, but still can be of use to you, like that gorgeous 950’s style dress and the faux coat. You never know when you’re gonna need some funky dress and a lovely coat for a shindig or a soiree.

    Ericka Muldowney