Friday, June 3, 2011

Vanity Part Deux

Can you tell I'm un petit peu obsessesed with vanities and the boudoir?  I mean, I have three kids,  I'm jobless with bills to pay, my laundry is piled sky high, and I have school to think about so it's pretty obvious I'm good at prioritizing.  Take note, potential future employers!

Anyway, remember that vanity I told you about?  I failed to mention it's in my upstairs hallway.  It's still, what some would call, "not mine."  But I'm laying claim to it because 1.) A hallway is a STUPID place for a vanity and 2.)  I don't see anybody's name on it.  I'm homesteading this bitch and taking the pictures to prove it.

There.  I put some shit on it.  Mine.

Pink depression glass and a jewelry holder from Target.

The butterfly bracelet with the quarter sized garnet is vintage 1920's.   Probably my fave piece.

Grandma's pearls.

Ormolu vanity tray with vintage and new perfume bottles.  The black atomizer is from the 1920's.

Totally clutterfucked.

This is new to me.  Nippon hair reciever and powder jar with tray.

Finally got myself a new bottle of Black Rose.  I changed bottles.  It's easier to use with a crystal dauber and looks prettier too.  It would probably last longer in the original brown bottle which just means I need to use it faster.

Alright, and now I have to get back to the reality of poopie diapers and sticky juice boxes.  I hope you all have plans this weekend.  I created this set on Polyvore to show you what I'll be wearing*:

*in my dreams.



  1. Your newly "homesteaded" vanity looks great!! The perfect place for getting ready....

  2. Nikosmommy - Thank you! Now, I just have to find something to get ready for. Ha.

  3. no vanity is complete without a bottle of Sally Hansen Hair Remover.

  4. TILTE - I need a can Mink hairspray and a bottle of pink Nair. It reminds me of stories my tia told me about pouring it down her back to get rid of her Mexican Back Swirls.

  5. I love vanity trays and atomizers! So classic.