Friday, June 10, 2011

Holiday in San Franny This Weekend

I love San Francisco.  I'm still kicking myself in the huevos for never moving there when I was younger and sans enfants.  Lucky for me, my brother lives there and I get to invite myself up for a visit whenever I feel like.  And being the classy sophisticate that I am, I really know how to live it up in this town. (Rock Band marathons; wine guzzling/tasting; cornmeal crust pizzas; black walnut ice cream at Fenton's; Chinatown for deals on lead poisoning and SARS.)

I plan on taking lots of pictures and acting like a total tourist even though I consider it a second home.

And here's a glimpse of what I plan on wearing:

Totally practical for chasing children through the Wharf, n'est-ce pas?



  1. oooh cant wait to see you in this elegante outfit.
    have a great weekend amor!

  2. I'm quite excited to see you are a blogger.

  3. What a stylish outfit, perfect for trapping the clutch big enough for handcuffs?
    Have a fab weekend, I've always wanted to go to San Fransico, maybe one day... xxx

  4. Frankly I'd be black and blue if I kicked myself every time I made a realisation like that! Never been to SF, but your outfit is unutterably glam. I'd be more likely to go down the Haight Ashbury scruffbag route I'm afraid.

  5. La Dama - Haha. I'm a single mother this weekend so my chances (and strength) for glamour are becoming pretend-sies. I'm exhausted!

    Randi - The jig is up!

    Vintage Vixen - No, but it is big enough for a couple Xanax for mommy. And you must come to San Franny at least once. It's a pretty amazing town.

    Lakota - Well, between a water outtage in our building and fully feral children, this weekend is turning more into grass-fed, organic hot dogs on the sidewalk outside the Ferry Building and yoga pants. Still fun to get out of town and the food in San Francisco is amazing. I fully intend to go back home with an extra 5 pounds.