Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pyrex and Me. Por Vida.

I started collecting pyrex several years ago because I loved the look of retro kitchens decorated with color coordinated bowls.  It was a fun thing to collect too since pyrex was so easy to find due to its durability and the fact that everyone and their Aunt Mimi had it.  It's getting a little harder to find and the thrift stores are catching on to its collectibility but I still manage to find some stellar pieces.   These are my faves:

My mother-in-law gave me the pink gooseberry cinderella bowls.  They were a gift to her from her Aunt Mimi.  She only gave them to me after I had a seizure-like fit when I saw them in her cabinet.  She said, "Well, I guess you can have them(? )" and the classy thing to do would be to say, "Oh no, I couldn't take them.  I was just admiring them."  However, the classy-broad thing to do would be to snatch them up before she could change her mind and stuff them into my suitcase.  Guess what I did.  Yup... I totally made her mail them to me. Even classier.

My old kitchen was decorated in turquoise and yellow.  Sunny and cheerful.  Just like my personality. Ha.  I think I got the bowls off of ebay which wasn't that awesome of a deal.  It's a mix matched set which wouldn't be bad but the yellow bowls do not match each other. C'est dommage.  The covered square bowl was picked up from the thrift store.  Probably for a mint.  I don't care.  I'm a sucker for original lids.

Spring Green pyrex.  I got the covered casserole from an antique store in Santa Paula during a car show and the cinderella bowl is from the thrift store.  It's a pretty common pattern and I would like to find the rest of the set.

I HEART refrigerator sets.  This is an incomplete set but I love the primary colors.  I actually got these for free from a neighbor who was being sent to live in a nursing home.  Her daughter said I could have whatever I wanted from the garage.  Thanks, Marge!

These are limited releases and don't belong to any sets.  I found both at the thrift store for fairly good deals.  The red one was $9 which I thought was kinda high but I rarely find the lid AND the stand for these bowls.  I often use these around the holidays and think they look retro swanky but I think it ends up looking like a tacky funeral potluck.  Still hasn't dissuaded me.

This is another 50's era limited release casserole.  It is my favorite and I don't know why.  I think I like the cartoony images and plus, it makes the best scalloped potatoes.  Love you, Little 2 qt Casserole.

Pyrex Wishes, and Pyrex Dreams.



  1. I haven't got any retro Pyrex and I'm seriously envying yours. I love that cartoony one, too.
    I blame having a Mum and Grandma with exquistely good taste so I just inherited drab old Denby and the like.
    You've inspired me to go hunting, wish me luck! xxx

  2. Ay!! ni me envites a tu casa, me robo todo tu Pyrex, I'm a Pyrex whore myself, I find them here at the boot sales bien baratos, pero no visto como los rositas.

  3. get ready to foam at the mouth.

  4. I have that same (last photo) pyrex dish (minus the cartoon "graphics"), It was my grandma's and I use it ALL the time and microwave EVERYTHING in it!
    What a cute collection you've got going!

  5. Vintage Vixen - My family was VERY trendy in the 50's and 60's. Some people inherit crystal and trust funds; I inherited my grandma's old Melmac, pyrex and lucite grapes.

    La Dama - LOL. My pink pyrex is under lock and key.

    You're Lucky - I've seen it. And yes, I foamed.

    Nikosmommy - I think it's so funny that we end up "inheriting" this stuff when it was so ubiquitous in its day. And that's what I love about pyrex, it is still very usable. In fact, the old stuff is better than the new stuff. The new stuff has been known to shatter and explode unexpectedly.

  6. I love pyrex and always picking it up on my travels, but green with envy over your pink set, so want to find some of that! Scarlett x

  7. Pyrex! I had to stop collecting dishes and such, my roommate (dad) doesnt like it cause it takes up too much space. I bought the most beautiful blue saphire dish set from the salvation army and of course they were hootin and hollering about my purchase, what are you going to do with this Sophia? lalalala. And then what was on the table at Thanksgiving? My pinche set!